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Woo Product Tabs

This is the module that displays the product tabs ( long description, attributes and reviews ). If you build the layout inside the description builder, this module will not be accessible there. This module can only be used if you build the layout in Divi Library.

Learn more about building the product layout here.

Content Options

– Show description

Hide or display the description tab.

– Show additional info

Hide or display the product’s attributes tab.

– Show reviews

Display or hide the reviews tab.

– Remove default style

Enable this to remove the tab’s borders that have been added by Divi.

– Remove tabs title

By default, the content of each tab has a title like “Description” and “Additional Information”, you can remove them.

Design Options

– Review stars color

The color of the stars in the reviews section.

– Tab background

The tabs background color.

– Active tab background

The background color of the active ( opened ) tab.

– Hover tab background

The background of the tab header when you hover over it.

– Tabs headers orientation

The orientation of the tabs; right, left or center.

– Tabs headers text

– Active tab header text

– Product description

– Product description

– Attribute name text

– Attribute values text

– Submit review button