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WooCommerce Builder For Divi

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WooCommerce Builder For Divi

When you look at WooCommerce product pages, the shop or the checkout page, you will immediately notice that these pages lake the beautiful UI. The good design that matches your brand and your product is the first thing that convinces your clients to give you their money and purchase from you.

Divi Theme is the best WordPress theme out there, a great tool that gives you the ability to build anything you dream of with just a few clicks.

WooCommerce Builder For Divi with its simple UI and unlimited options, you can build the online store that really works and makes you money.

How does the plugin work?

There are 3 main components of the plugin:

  • 33 modules that cover every piece of WooCommerce pages.
  • 14 shortcodes for product pages.
  • The ability to change WooCommerce pages’ templates without changing the actual content of the pages.

When you install the plugin, 33 modules will be added to your Divi Builder. You can use these modules alongside Divi’s own modules to build full layouts for your products, shop, cart, checkout & account pages.

The plugin gives an extra 14 shortcodes for the product page to gain more flexibility with your product page design.

After creating your beautiful layouts that match your brand and product, the plugin will use these layouts to override WooCommerce’s own templates.