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Product Modules

There is a module for each piece of the product page, all these modules have 2 main characters:

1- They are dynamic. To understand what this means, imagine the regular “Text” module. You add a text module to your layout and use the same layout for several pages, the content if this module will be the same on all of the pages that use this layout, the text here is hard-coded.

Product modules are different, they output their data dynamically based on the current product page.

For example, you have a store with 1000 products, you build one layout and make it the default layout for all of your products.

How can one layout work with 1000 products, will all the products look identical? they will look identical in the design but the content will be different for each one of them.

You added the “Product Title” module to the layout, this module will display the correct title on each page of the 1000 product.

You added the “Product Description” module to the layout, it will also display the correct description of each product on the front-end, amazing right?

2- They work only on product pages, so if you add any of them to any other post type, they will not work.