Woo Categories Module For Divi & WooCommerce

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Are you tired of creating custom sections for your WooCommerce categories? Well, you don’t have to do that manually anymore.

With the Woo Categories module, you will be able to display product categories in a beautiful way using Divi Builder.

Woo Categories Module 1

Key Features

Make the most out of the Woo Categories module

Woo Categories Module 2

Control Which Categories to Display

You have full control over what categories to display. You can choose to display:

  • All categories.
  • Specific categories: when you select this, you will get a list of all categories to choose from.
  • Subcategories of the current category: this is really useful if you use it in the categories template in the theme builder. The module will display the subcategories of the currently viewed one dynamically.

Control The Elements of Each Category

We made it really easy for you to choose which elements to display like:

  • The category image
  • Products count
  • Category description
  • A fully customizable view products button, which takes the user to the category page.
Woo Categories Module 3
Woo Categories Module 4

Beautiful Positions For The Category Image

Bored of that always on top image? Now, you can place the category image on the right, left, and set it as a background for each category.

More Incredible Features

It doesn’t just end there. You won’t find a more complete solution for your WooCommerce categories!

Custom Module Title

Add a custom title above the categories. The title will only be displayed if there are any categories. If no categories exist, the title will not be displayed.

Columns Number

Choose how many columns to display. You have the option to select from 1 column to 6 columns.

Order By

Order your categories by name, ID, slug, or menu Order.


States whether the category order is ascending or descending.


Hide Empty Categories

Hide categories that have no products.

Hide Subcategories

Show top-level categories only.

Count Background

Set a background color for the products count.

Category Background

Set a background color for individual categories.

Category Padding

Add space inside each category.

Category Details Background

Set a background color for the category details section, which contains the title, description, and the view products button.

Category Details Padding

Add space around the category details section.

More Control Over The Image

Not just you can control the position of the image, you can also control its borders, border radius, and box shdow.

Text Customization

Every piece of text is fully customizable like the title, description, products count, view products button.

Divi Built-in Design Options

All Divi’s design options are also available like sizing, spacing, animations, conditions… and so on.

What Customers Say About Us

We are proud to provide the best products and support in the market. Here are some of what our customers say bout us.

Great customer support really helped get my site the way I wanted it to look. The representative was very helpful, with screenshots and good instructions. Replied in a reasonable amount of time and didn’t stop until the issue was fixed. Awesome all around!

Shelby Maguire

Simply great!
Great plugin, great flexibility and great support!

Uwe Hog

Perfect for my site
As I wanted to customize my Woocommerce pages, I found DiviKingdom plugin and I purchased it and implemented on my site and instantly I am able to make a beautiful pages for our online shop.

Which is definitely save a lot of time & headache and the support team also great. So I highly recommend to others too.

Rajratna Singh

Best support ever!
The tool is very helpful but I had a plugin conflict. The creator helped me solve it right away!

Marie Gaudefroy

Makes life a lot easier.
A very useful addition, makes life much easier and saves loads of time. Great, plugin for Divi.

Clifford Wishart

I spent days trying to find something to help me create better Woocommerce pages, looking at all sorts of plugins and combinations of plugins, paid, free, etc. then I found this and it worked like a dream and has everything I can think of needing and it’s so simple to use.

Tina Shaw

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Current Version: 1.0.3 || Updated: 11/7/2023  || Released: 26/11/2021 || Documentations


Do you have a question about the plugin? Check out some of the most popular questions and answers below.

What is the difference between this module nd the one included with the WooCommerce builder?

This module has more features and will be supported with even more features in future updates.

How does the refund work?

If you are not satisfied with the plugin within the first 14 days, you are more than welcome to ask for a refund.

Just send me a message via the contact page, and I’ll issue you a full refund immediately.

Does this plugin has a lifetime plan?


Can I use the plugin with any theme?

You must use Divi theme, Extra theme, Divi builder plugin, or any child theme for Divi & Extra.
The plugin will NOT work with any other theme.

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