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WooCommerce List View For Divi is a simple plugin to bring the classic blog list style into your store. The plugin changes the default WooCommerce grid view of Shop, Categories & Tags to a simple blog list style. The WC List View plugin comes with extra options to display the product short description, read more button & add to cart button.


  • Enable list view for shop page, categories & tags individually.
  • Display Product short description for each product in the list.
  • Display Read more button.
  • Customize the read more button text.
  • Display add to cart button.
  • Customizing the buttons style.
  • Responsive design.

How to use it:

Just upload the plugin like any other wordpress plugin and after activation, you can use the plugin and change settings under Settings -> WC List View.


Download For FREE!

PS: This is the initial release of the plugin, if you are facing any problems, please comment below and let me know.

By Abdou

My name is Abdelfatah Aboelghit, a PHP developer from Egypt and my friends call me Abdou!
Here I write and develop products about Divi Theme.

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  1. Brandon Still

    This plugin works great and I saved me some time. However, I would like to give users the ability to choose how many product listings to display on the front end. A simple drop down with the options “show 25, 50, 75, or 100”.

    I’m trying to just use a plugin for the sake of time, one I typically use is WooCommerce Products Per Page but the default number of products to display (1-9) is overwriting my plugin results…

    Any ideas or work arounds?

    • Abdou

      To change it, go to Divi/Extra -> Theme Options -> Number of Products displayed on WooCommerce archive pages.

  2. sab

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    • Abdou

      This is a plugin, not a theme.

  3. sagar

    Unable to See List View, did everything as directed

    • Abdou

      I just tested it and it is working fine, make sure you enable the options under your admin dashboard -> Settings -> Wc List View.
      PS: it does work with the default layout of WooCommerce, not custom layouts from Divi.


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