Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It?

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Divi is a popular WordPress theme and it’s growing in popularity every day. Elegant Themes calls Divi the most popular WordPress theme in the world and the ultimate WordPress page builder. Why is Divi so popular? Is it that good? In this Divi theme review, we’ll look at the features of Divi to see what it can do, see how easy it is to use, and help you decide if it’s the right WordPress theme for your needs.

What is Divi

Divi is a WordPress theme from Elegant Themes with a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop builder. It’s designed for both beginners and seasoned developers to create amazing WordPress websites with ease. It comes with over 40 builder elements, WooCommerce elements, over 1100 pre-designed layouts, and complete control over everything. The layouts include images and graphics that are free to use.

Divi Features

Divi comes with lots of features and new features are added regularly. For this Divi review, let’s take a look at the most prominent features.

Divi Builder

Divi Theme Review

The Divi Builder works from the frontend (the Visual Builder) and the backend (if you enable the Classic Editor). Starting a page or post lets you choose to build from scratch, choose a premade layout, or clone an existing page.

Build from scratch

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 1

Starting from scratch opens a page with a section where you can choose a row structure. You can add as many sections and rows as you want.

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 2

Next, you’ll insert modules within the rows. Choose them from the modal or click on the buttons within the rows.

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 3

Add your content to the modules. The modules include multiple tabs, called Content, Design, and Advanced, where you add the content, adjust colors, fonts, backgrounds, borders, shadows, animations, hover effects, add CSS, and lots more. You can also add dynamic content, copy and paste styles, perform split testing, save it to the library, etc. You can also adjust global settings from each module.

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 4

You can add regular sections, specialty sections that include multiple layout options, and fullwidth sections that include fullwidth modules. The sections have premade dividers to add styling. Here’s a look at the Specialty section layouts. This is a great way to add different types of columns.

Across the bottom is a set of tools with several options. See the layout in a wireframe view, as a desktop, tablet, or phone. Load from the library, save to the library, delete, see the page settings, see the editing history, and import or export a design. You can also save the draft and publish the page or post.

Choose a premade layout

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 5

Choose from over 1100 layouts from Elegant Themes, layouts that you’ve uploaded or saved to your library, or from your existing pages. These are premade layout packs that include 6-8 pages to build a complete website. They include animations, shadow effects, images, etc. View the layouts as a pack or in a list view. You can also search the layouts and filter by category.

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 6

Simply load the page you want and start editing. Highlight any element to open it or customize it. In this example, I’m dragging the size of the text module. This is the desktop view.

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 7

You can select the text and style it inline. Customize the styling, select the alignment, add links, make it a quote, change the size and color, change it to bullets, etc. This is the tablet view.

Layers View

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 8

You can also see a Layers View that shows the elements within every section, row, and module. You can find the elements easily, move them around, copy, delete, open to edit, etc. This example shows the mobile phone view.

Wireframe View

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 9

The Wireframe view shows the sections, rows, and modules as blocks. You can open them to make changes, close sections and rows, and drag-and-drop any of the elements. In this example, I’m dragging a blurb module.

Backend Builder

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 10

You can enable the Classic Builder to build from the backend if you prefer. This disables Gutenberg. This is the wireframe view.

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 11

You can also view the desktop, tablet, and mobile views and edit them in real-time. In this example, I’m dragging the padding for the module on the right.

Divi Modules

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 12

The standard Divi Builder includes 54 modules including 16 Woo modules when you have WooCommerce activated. The modules allow you to add text, bar counters, blog posts, blurbs, buttons, CTAs, code, comments, contact forms, email optins, images, maps, sliders, testimonials, social media follow buttons, and lots more to your designs.

Thoughts on the Divi Builder

I find the Divi Builder intuitive. It does have a lot of options, but they’re well-organized and each option includes a clickable question mark to see information about what it does and how to use it.

The modules and columns can be combined to build practically any kind of design you want. It’s ideal for personal websites, company websites, schools, organizations, blogs, etc.

I find the wireframe view the easiest to use when laying down design elements. I mostly only use the visual view to see what changes I need to make in real-time. When using the Visual Builder, the Layers View makes the builder easier to navigate.

Divi Theme Options

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 13

The Divi Theme Options provide a lot of control over your website. It includes 8 tabs with lots of settings in each.

General settings include display modes and colors, enabling social networks for the menus, back-to-top button, minifying code, custom CSS, etc.

Navigation lets you choose which pages, categories, etc., appear in the menus, how they’re ordered, and how the menus work.

Builder allows you to choose the post types that can use the Divi Builder, the product layout and content, enable static file generation, inline styles, the classic editor, the product tour, etc.

Layout determines the types of meta, post comments, thumbnails, etc., that display on posts and pages.

Ads provides a place to input your ad code and enable the banners.

SEO gives you complete control over the SEO of your home page, single posts, and index page. Choose the elements you want to use and how you want them to look.

Integration provides a place to add code to various locations on your website including the header and body.

Updates allows you to enter your API key to get Divi updates. It also allows you to get the free Divi layouts within the Divi Builder.

You can also import and export your Divi theme settings to use on other websites.

Divi Theme Builder

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 14

The Divi Theme Builder allows you to design layouts for your entire website. Create headers, footers, and body layouts for specific post types, categories, a 404 page, etc. This allows you to style blog posts, product posts, archive pages, and more without having to open every page and recreate it. You can also import and export layouts.

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 15

The layouts are built with the Divi Visual Builder. This is the global header.

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 16

Add your layouts and then assign where Divi will use them.

Thoughts on Using the Divi Theme Builder

The theme builder is a game-changer for Divi design. The builder works the same as the Visual Builder. It gives you control over where designs are displayed so you can add new designs to pages and posts without having to recreate them. It does add a new set of features to learn, but it’s not that difficult once you browse through it.

It does connect to the library for the standard Divi layouts and anything you’ve saved in the library, but this does not include the custom-designed layouts for the header, archives, 404 pages, or footers created by Elegant Themes. They have to be imported from your computer. This isn’t difficult, but you can’t see a preview before uploading.

Divi Theme Customizer

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 17

Divi adds several new features to the Theme Customizer. This gives you more control over the site’s design. Features include:

  • General Settings – site identity, layout, typography, background
  • Header & Navigation – header format, primary menu bar, secondary menu bar, fixed navigation settings, and header elements
  • Footer – layout, widgets, footer elements, footer menu, bottom bar
  • Buttons – button style, button over style
  • Blog – post text styling
  • Mobile styles – tablet, phone, mobile menu
  • Color schemes – choose the default color scheme

Here are the primary menu settings. Divi has two different menus: primary and secondary. The primary has different settings for fixed navigation. The secondary menu appears above the primary menu.

Thoughts on using the theme customizer

Some of the extras that Divi adds to the theme customizer are duplicated in other places, but it does provide a lot of tools that don’t fit anywhere else such as topography, the header, and footer. The UI is the standard design of WordPress, so it’s easy to follow and use. I especially like the menu features. Some features, such as buttons, can also be handled with a global button module.

The downside is the styling for buttons and typography are global. This means for anything you don’t want to change you’ll have to adjust them individually within their modules.

Divi User Role Editor

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 18

The Divi Role Editor lets you choose which roles have access to which Divi features. This is great for keeping unauthorized users from tinkering with your design.

Divi Library

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 19

The Divi Library stores all of your page layouts, sections, rows, and modules that you save or upload to the library. You can create them from here or save them from any page or post. They can be imported into your pages through the Divi Builder. You can also import and export them to your computer for use on other websites.


Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 20

Divi adds three new widgets and a widget area maker so you can create new locations for your widgets. The widgets include:

  • About Me
  • Adsense
  • Advertisement

Divi Gutenberg Block

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 21

Divi adds a new block to Gutenberg that gives you access to the Divi Builder.

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 22

Create or add Divi layouts for the block to display.

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 23

Selecting to edit them opens the Divi Builder.

Divi Support

Divi Theme Review, Is It Worth It? 24

Divi includes a built-in support center that gives you access to your system status, lets you enable remote access so the Elegant Themes support team can test your website, view documentation and tutorials, enable safe mode, and view logs. Elegant Themes provides 24/7 premium support. They usually respond in less than an hour and they’re sometimes available for chat.

Divi Community

Divi has the largest community of any WordPress theme. This community includes lots of websites, blogs, social media groups, meetups, courses, and third-party products and services. Examples include the Divi Kingdom blog and WooCommerce Builder which includes custom modules and layouts.


Rather than selling Divi as a stand-alone product, Elegant Themes uses a membership model that provides access to Divi and Extra WordPress themes, layout packs, and Monarch, Bloom, and Divi Builder plugins. The Divi Builder plugin is for use with other themes.

There are two pricing options:

  • Yearly – $89. Includes unlimited usage of all products, one year of premium support, and one year of updates.
  • Lifetime – $249. This is a one-time fee that adds lifetime support and updates.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our Divi review with a look at the major features. Divi makes building a website as easy as possible while giving you control over every element to make a website that’s truly your own.

Pros – Divi is easy to use for beginners but provides lots of features for advanced developers. It includes lots of marketing tools for eCommerce, lead generation, a/b split testing, and conversion insights. It has great SEO features, supports lots of email platforms, it’s translated into 32 languages, and it’s expandable with hundreds of third-party plugins. You can keep it simple or get as detailed as you want.

Cons – You have to learn to use the Divi Builder if you want to build your own website. Knowing where to upload the various types of layouts can be confusing. The library doesn’t give you a thumbnail view, so you don’t automatically know what layouts look like in the library. Some features have to be added by third-party products.

We love Divi and we highly recommend that you give it a try.

Thanks for reading our Divi theme review. Have you tried Divi? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

By Randy A. Brown

Randy A. Brown is a freelance writer from east TN specializing in WordPress and eCommerce. He's a longtime WordPress enthusiast and loves learning new things and sharing information with others. If he's not writing or reading, he's probably playing guitar.

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  1. Rikza Designlab

    Divi is wonderfull theme, yet I prefer elementor.

    I think cause I used divi 3 and elementor’s latest. I will sure give new divi a try.

    Thanks for highlighting these features.


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