Alright, so today I’ve released a new version 1.2.0 of WC Product Builder, this update features some cool stuff that gives you more control over the product page design, you can see all changes in action in the new Demo layout here. let’s get into it!

1. Shortcodes.


A lot of the plugin users, myself included, always wanted to use some parts of product page inside other modules like Toggle, Accordion, Sliders … etc. But, as you know, we can’t use a module inside another module by default and the idea came from here. This update comes with 14 shortcodes, each one of them represents a part of the product page like product description, excerpt, add to cart … below is a list of all new shortcodes:

[ wcpb_shortcode type=”title” ]

For product title.

[ wcpb_shortcode type=”description” ]

For product description.

[ wcpb_shortcode type=”excerpt” ]

For product excerpt.

 [ wcpb_shortcode type=”price” ]

For product price.

[ wcpb_shortcode type=”rating” ]

For product rating.

[ wcpb_shortcode type=”add_to_cart” ]

For quantity and add to cart button

[ wcpb_shortcode type=”additional_info” ]

For product additional information/attributes.

[ wcpb_shortcode type=”reviews” ]

For product reviews.

[ wcpb_shortcode type=”related” ]

For related products.

[ wcpb_shortcode type=”upsells” ]

For product upsells.

[ wcpb_shortcode type=”image” ]

For product featured image.

[ wcpb_shortcode type=”gallery” gallery_columns=”4″ ]

For product gallery. Change columns number as you want

[ wcpb_shortcode type=”slider” ]

For product images slider.

[ wcpb_shortcode type=”meta” ]

For product categories, tags, and SKU.

2. Options Organization.



As of May 11th, 2017, Elegant Themes announced a new elegant module options grouping, now, this new version of WC Product Builder supports the grouping options, so you can edit the page layout fast and easily more than ever.

3. New Slider Options.


As the previous image suggests, there are new 2 options for the product slider module, Hide Thumbnails & Disable Lightbox when you click on the product image. This is very helpful in different situations, like when you have a variable product and you want when the client choose a variation, the variation image is displayed, this can’t happen with the product image module since it’s only for the product feature image, not variations images.

4. New Add to Cart & Price options.



Here is a small change, suggested by one of the plugin users, which is very useful. By default, if you have a variable product, the price module will show the price as a range: min – max, now with the new option “Change to selected variable price”, when the client chooses a variation, the price will be updated to this variation price.

Also, you can hide the variation price inside the Add to Cart module, so you can use both options together to control how & where the variation price get displayed.

Another option should have been included with this update, Automatic updates, but unfortunately,  because of some issues with the server, Automatic Updates will come later, for now, you have to update the plugin manually.

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