And here we are again with a new update to our beloved plugin, WooCommerce Product Builder For Divi, I’ve been working soo hard to release this update so you can enjoy the 2 new features.

1- Automatic Updates.

Now you can receive updates right into your WordPress admin dashboard like any other plugin hosted by With an easy to use license system where you can generate license keys, deactivate domains and delete keys. To receive the updates you need to update to v1.2.1 manually using ftp, replace the older package with this and do not worry, you won’t lose any settings and then follow these instructions:

License Management

Go to My account page, and under orders, next to your order click on License Manage button, you will see your license key has been generated automatically and depending on your license type you will have different options:

  • For the single website license, you will have one license key that can be assigned to a single domain at a time.
  • For the 5 websites, you will have one license key that can be used on up to 5 websites at a time.
  • For the unlimited license, you will have the option to generate unlimited license keys and use each one on up to 50 domains.

No matter your license type is, you are able to delete the license key at any time and generate another one. If you have lots of clients, you can generate a specific license key for a client to receive updates and you can delete that key if you want that client to not receive updates anymore.

You can deactivate a specific domain from receiving updates, but be careful, your client will still have the ability to reactivate the license from their WordPress dashboard, use this option only with your own websites like test websites for instance. If you want to prevent a domain from receiving updates completely, you have to delete the license key.

Activate The License

Copy the license key you’ve got from the previous point. Go to the WC Product Builder settings page, you’ll notice a new tab, Updates, paste your license key and click save changes, if the license key is valid, you will see a message telling you that the license is active and working, if there are any issues activating the license, please make sure you’ve used a correct one and you have not exceeded the allowed number of domains per key, if you have any other problem, please open a support ticket.

2- The New Product Navigation Module.

One of the coolest features you may see in a lot of online stores out there is the next and previous product links which is not a built-in WooCommerce product page function. Now, you can add the product navigation inside any product page built with our plugin. You can use the products titles, custom links to next and previous product and icons like arrows with full control over the design from the module design settings. All the module settings are very easy to follow to get the look you desire.

Some of the previous demos have been updated to use the new navigation module, also this update comes with a new stunning layout, download all them from the new section in my account page, Extra Downloads and the plugin .zip itself will be under Downloads tab.

I hope you like this update and if you do, please let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to review the plugin here, also if you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.


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