Wc Builder Changelog

4.1.0 (23/March/2022)

  • New: Add the options to show/hide the title, price, rating, excerpt, cart form & meta from the summary module.

4.0.4 (5/March/2022)

  • Update Freemius SDK to the latest version.

4.0.3 (12/Dec/2021)

  • Fix: icons issue with the buttons and overlays.

4.0.2 (24/Oct/2021)

  • Improve compatibility with PHP 8
  • Fix: when image flipping is enabled, the second image appears under the main image.
  • Fix: remove Firefox arrows from the quantity field if the plus/minus style is used.
  • Fix: missing tabs in the login/register module if used in the theme builder.
  • Fix: a conflict with Wc Germanized plugin that caused the place order button to lose its custom styling.
  • Fix: missing font, background and border styling of the notices module on the cart page.
  • Enhancement: set custom add to cart text for simple products only for user convenience.

4.0.1 (21/Aug/2021)

  • Fix: the product gallery module was not working after Divi’s performance update.
  • Fix: the product image module’s lightbox was broken after Divi’s performance update.
  • Fix: missing Freemius assets on the backend.

4.0.0 (16/Aug/2021)

  • The Woo Archive Products module has got a big update.
  • New: Select which products to display on any page on your store:
    • You can keep using the WooCommerce’s default loop or display the recent, featured, sale, best selling or top rated products.
    • Also, you can select to display these products from the entire shop, specific categories or dynamically based on the current page.
  • New: add sale price font options.
  • New: add border and border radius options for the product item and the product image.
  • New: add sale badge font options.
  • New: add the ability to change the ‘add to cart’ button text.
  • New: show the stock status for each product.

3.5.0 (7/March/2021)

  • New: add MASONRY view to the archive products module!
  • New: add order-by and order options to the Woo Categories module.

3.4.0 (18/Feb/2021)

  • This version adds more features to the Woo Categories module:
    • Add the ability to select which categories to display.
    • Add the option to display the subcategories dynamically based on the current category page.
    • Set a custom title for the module. This title will be displayed if there are any categories and will not be displayed if no categories exist.

3.3.0 (10/Feb/2021)

  • New: Add products to the cart via ajax (without reloading the page) on single product pages.
  • Fix: Responsive issue with the checkout module.
  • Fix: cart layout compatibility issue with the theme builder.
  • Fix: drop-down menu’s background and text color are not applied in the add to cart module.

3.2.0 (11/Jan/2021)

  • NEW: Add a brand new module, the product carousel module. Read everything about it here.

3.1.1 (24/Jun/2020)

  • Fix: duplicated product schema if Rank Math plugin is active.
  • Fix: continues loading of the cart after adding a cross-sell to the cart.

3.1.0 (3/Jun/2020)

  • New: adding a new “Woo Categories” module to display Woo categories.

3.0.1 (4/May/2020)

  • Fix: a z-index issue with the theme builder global header.
  • Fix: price floating issue with loop modules.

3.0.0 (10/Mar/2020)

  • NEW: Adding the option to flip the product image to the first gallery image on hover in the archive products module.
  • NEW: Adding the option to hide the product featured image in the archive module.
  • NEW: Adding the option to hide the sale badge in the archive module.
  • Adding compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0.
  • FIX: a minor JS bug in the visual builder.

2.2.3 (8/Feb/2020)

  • Fix: changing the price to the selected variation is not working in the theme builder.

2.2.2 (13/Jan/2020)

  • Fix: deprecated properties notice.
  • Fix: JS errors in IE11.
  • Fix: the font weight is not working on some elements in the cart page.
  • Fix: a conflict with Divi’s cart notices module.
  • Fix: the summary and the slider modules are not working in the theme builder.

2.2.1 (18/Dec/2019)

  • Fix a conflict with Divi Ecommerce child theme

2.2.0 (3/Dec/2019)

  • Add the ability to customize the cart, checkout, thank you, my account & login pages.
  • Tons of improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

2.1.21 (14/Nov/2019)

  • Add support for WordPress 5.3
  • Add support for WooCommerce 3.8
  • Fix product background is not working in the archive module.

2.1.20 (21/Oct/2019)

  • Some improvements and fixes for Divi 4.0.

2.1.19 (19/Oct/2019)

  • Fix losing the styling of product and archive pages after Divi 4.0.

2.1.18 (18/Oct/2019)

  • Fix losing the styling of product and archive pages after Divi 4.0.
  • Fix the variations drop down menu height on Firefox.

2.1.17 (15/Oct/2019)

  • Add +/- option to the quantity field in the add to cart module with 2 different styles :)
  • Add drop-down menus customization options to the add to cart module.
  • Add quantity field customization ( width, height, borders ) options to the add to cart module.

2.1.16 (7/Oct/2019)

  • Fix a conflict with WooCommerce variation images gallery plugin.
  • Fix a minor conflict with xforwoocommerce plugin.

2.1.15 (18/Sep/2019)

  • Fix a minor conflict with the new Divi WooCommerce Builder.
  • Remove Enable the visual builder button on product pages if the product has its own layout in Divi Library.

2.1.14 (14/Sep/2019)

  • Fix a conflict with the new Divi update that affected the slider and the summary module.
  • Fix caching issue on archive layouts.

2.1.13 (19/Jul/2019)

* Fix: if the tabs module is used twice, the first description tab will be closed.
* Fix a minor CSS conflict with Divi Footer Injector plugin.
* Fix: a conflict with YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier plugin.
* Fix: The Shop module’s missing pagination on archive layouts.
* Fix: the empty p tag issue around the layout content on some websites.

2.1.12 (17/Jun/2019)

* Fix: ol and ul styling bug in the product description and the tabs modules.
* Fix: change the deprecated function get_woocommerce_term_meta to get_term_meta in WooCommerce 3.6.
* Fix: columns number reset on second page of the shop.
* Fix: font options don’t get applied on the visual builder for the add to cart module’s some elements.

2.1.11 (1/April/2019)

* Add square option to the gallery module.
* Add options to change the background color and the color of the current item in the archive module’s pagination.
* Add the ability to align (left, right & center) all the elements of the archive module at once.
* Add the ability to align (left, right & center) all the elements of the related products module at once.
* Add the ability to align (left, right & center) all the elements of the upsells module at once.
* Fix: Design options do not affect the categories titles in the archive module.
* Fix: classic blog view does not affect the subcategories in the archive module.
* Fix: ‘No Sidebar’ option in Extra theme ruins the columns of products lists.
* Fix: buttons icons are not working in some cases in Extra and Divi themes.
* Fix: a columns bug that affected the default WooCommerce archive layout.

2.1.10 (11/Mar/2019)

* Add font options to the labels of the variations, in stock & out of stock text on product pages.
* Fix iPad responsive issue with the related and upsells modules.
* Fix a styling issue with the add to cart button on Extra theme.
* Fix a compatibility issue with WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace plugin on vendor store pages.

2.1.9 (26/Feb/2019)

  • Security Fix.

2.1.8 (25/Feb/2019)

  • Fix: fix the contact module is not working on archive layouts.
  • Fix: fix a bug that caused the website’s logo to appear big than normal on some archive pages.
  • Fix: fix a bug that caused the products columns not to work properly on archive pages.

2.1.7 (15/Feb/2019)

  • Fix a compatibility issue with WP 5.1 beta that prevents the plugin’s settings from getting saved correctly.
  • Fix a bug that prevented WPML translated archive layouts from displaying.
  • Fix a compatibility issue with WPML that affected default products layouts.
  • Fix a conflict with “Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades” plugin.
  • Fix an issue with WordPress installations that have custom plugins and themes path.

2.1.6 (14/Dec/2018)

  • Improve compatibility with WordPress 5.0 ( Gutenberg ).
  • Improve compatibility with Divi 3.18+ and the new back-end builder.
  • Fix search module responsive issue in small screens.
  • Fix columns responsive issue with all products modules.
  • Fix not working show/hide heading in the shortcodes.

2.1.5 (15/Nov/2018)

  • Improvement: Make all product modules work in the visual builder with dummy data if used outside the product page.
  • Fix a conflict with “Facebook For WooCommerce” plugin.
  • Fix a 404 issue affected the layout single post type after activating the plugin for the first time.

2.1.4 (1/Nov/2018)

  • Improve compatibility with WooCommerce 3.5+.
  • Make the archive products module works anywhere, before that, the module worked on archive pages only.
  • Fix a minor issue with the related products’ columns in the visual builder.

2.1.3 (21/Oct/2018)

  • Add ‘wc_after_summary_hook’ shortcode to trigger the woocommerce_after_single_product_summary hook ( for compatibility with 3rd party plugins that use this hook ).
  • Fix a responsive issue on iPad affected the archive module.
  • Fix an issue caused the notices session to be cleared on default WooCommerce layouts.

2.1.2 (13/Oct/2018)

  • Fix an issue caused the notices do not appear on product pages with no short description.
  • Improve compatibility with multisite installations.

2.1.1 (11/Oct/2018)

  • Fix a minor issue caused WooCommerce notices to disappear in the front-end.

2.1.0 (7/Oct/2018)

  • Build custom layouts for your shop page.
  • Build Custom Layout for products search page.
  • A brand new Products Search module.
  • Fix a minor issue with products columns number in the archive module.
  • Fix some other minor bugs.
  • Some Code cleaning and improvements.

2.0.1 (18/Sept/2018)

  • Fix a minor bug.

2.0.0 (16/Sept/2018)

  • Changing the plugin name to WooCommerce Builder.
  • Add visual builder support.
  • Add an archive builder to build categories and tags.
  • Read the full documentation here.

1.4.4 (28/7/2018)

  • Fix an issue caused by Divi 3.10+ with the related and upsells modules that prevented the design settings from applying.

1.4.3 (20/7/2018)

  • Fix an issue with Divi 3.10 that added extra padding to the top of the product page in case of using a transparent header.
  • Fix an issue with Divi 3.10 that resets the rating stars color to blue.

1.4.2 (7/6/2018)

  • Improve compatibility with WooCommerce 3.4.
  • Add default values to all modules line height options.
  • Fix an issue with the tabs and the description module caused by Divi recent update.

1.4.1 (3/5/2018)

  • Fix an issue affected the images slider caused by Divi 3.2.1.
  • Fix an issue affected the product tabs label text.
  • Add tabs labels background options.
  • Remove “Use Divi Library For Description Builder” option as it’s now a Divi built-in feature and it was causing issues with Extra Theme.

1.4.0 ( 1/2/2018 )

  • Improve compatibility with the new WooCommerce 3.3
  • Add a new option in the plugin settings page to enable Divi Library for Product description builder
  • Add a new option to change the fullwidth row from 80% to 100%
  • Add new options to display add to cart button in the related and upsells modules
  • Add full text customization options in the description module to control the paragraphs, links, lists & quotes
  • Add full text customization options in the description tab in the tabs module to control the paragraphs, links, lists & quotes
  • Add a new option to remove tabs labels from tabs module

1.3.2 ( 22/11/2017 )

  • Fix a conflict with SVI plugin.
  • Fix a conflict with WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Plugin.

1.3.1 ( 2/11/2017 )

  • Add extra option to hide the heading of description, additional info., reviews, related and upsells products shortcodes.
  • Add support for the new Divi box shadow feature to the add to cart, reviews submit button and notices button.

1.3.0 ( 20/10/2017 )

  • Adding the new WooCommerce compatibility check headers.
  • Fix an issue with the reviews module that made the module always visible even it’s been disabled on different screen sizes.
  • Fix an issue that made the rating stars disappear is the reviews or tabs modules used more than once on the same page.

1.2.9 ( 16/10/2017 )

  • Improve compatibility with some 3rd party plugins.
  • Fix rows width inside tabs and description modules if the product is full width.
  • Fix summary module price font size get overridden by woocommerce.
  • Fix some issues with the product gallery module caused by the latest Divi update.

1.2.8 ( 21/9/2017 )

  • Add more design settings to the summary module.
  • Fix an issue that makes anything under the product images slider module to disappear.
  • Fix an issue that makes the theme customizer color scheme to override the style of some elements like the add to cart button and the rating stars.

1.2.7 ( 17/9/2017 )

  • Improve compatibility with old Divi versions.
  • Fix some javascript issues caused by the latest Divi updates:
    • Some broken stuff in the frontend when the page has no images slider.
    • Some modules may not load in the backend.
  • Fix Safari browser issue where some modules don’t load in the backend.

1.2.6 ( 5/8/2017 )

  • Update Gallery shortcode, now it has more options: enable lightbox, images size & image link to none or the file link.
  • Enhance support for old versions of PHP.
  • Some minor bugs fix.

1.2.5 ( 18/7/2017 )

  • Enable the use of product modules into Divi Builder everywhere except the Product Description and Tabs modules, they can’t be used inside the product description builder.
  • Fix the child themes lowercase naming issue.

1.2.4 ( 4/7/2017 )

  • Fix translation files do not load when placed in languages folder
  • Improve compatibility with Static CSS File Generation feature.

1.2.3 ( 29/6/2017 )

  • Fix stripping <p> tag from some paragraphs.

1.2.2 ( 29/6/2017 )

  • Fix Divi 3.0.52 prevents the Design and Advanced modules settings from applying.
  • Fix when the Gallery module used for a product that has no Gallery, Divi render a random gallery from the media library.

1.2.1 ( 24/6/2017 )

  • Add automatic updates feature and license manager.
  • Generate, deactivate and delete license keys from your Orders Page.
  • Add a brand new module; Woo Product Navigation, to show the next and previous product using links and arrows.
  • Fix conflict with WooCommerce Product Carousel Slider plugin.

1.2.0 ( 31/5/2017 )

  • Add 14 shortcodes to use product page parts inside any other module like tabs.
  • Add grouping to modules options.
  • New Slider options.
  • New Add to cart & price options
  • Change the plugin version to 3 numbers.
  • Read more here https://www.divikingdom.com/wc-product-builder-v1-2-whats-new/

1.1 ( 2/5/2017 )

  • Fix minor bugs.

1.0 ( 26/4/2017 )

  • Initial release.

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