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WooCommerce Builder

(45 customer reviews)

Build Beautiful WooCommerce Pages & Make More Sales

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WooCommerce Builder For Divi 2

Trusted by Thousands of WooCommerce Businesses and Online Shops

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About WooCommerce Builder For Divi

Want to make more sales? This is plugin is for you! Use the power of Divi Builder to design your WooCommerce store like never before and increase your conversion rate NOW!

WooCommerce Builder is the must-have plugin for any online store uses WooCommerce and Divi theme. With this plugin, you’ll be able to create stunning WooCommerce layouts that will help you make more sales like never before.

Forget about the boring design of WooCommerce and use Divi Builder to build your own. The WooCommerce Builder plugin comes with 25 custom modules and 14 shortcodes plus the Divi built-in modules. With all of these modules, you can build anything you can imagine.

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 9

Purchase a Licence

An annual licence entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Your subscription will auto-renew each year until cancelled.

A lifetime licence entitles you to updates and support forever. It is a one-time payment, not a subscription.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked.

Plugin Requirements

Divi THEME 3.1+ OR Extra THEME 2.1+ 

– WordPress 4.8+

– WooCommerce 3.2+

– PHP 7+

Plugin Details

  • The plugin is fully compatible with Divi 4.
  • Current Version: 2.2.0
  • Last Updated: 3/Dec/2019
  • Changelog.
  • Documentation

Key Features

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 10

Product Builder

You can build one layout for all of your current and coming products at once. You can also build layouts for products based on their category, so all products under “Shoes category” can have a specific layout made for them but all products under “Clothing category” have a different layout.

Not just that, you can build a different layout for every single product if you want.

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 11

Archive Builder

Build custom layouts for products categories and tags using Divi Builder. The plugin adds a new custom post type for the archive layouts to keep everything organized.

You can build one layout to be used for all categories. You can also build custom layouts for specific categories.

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 12

Custom Shop Page

Build custom layout for your shop page using Divi Builder like never before or use one of the pre-made layouts that come with the plugin for free to get you started in no time.

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 13

Custom Search Page

Having a search page for your products is a great way to make it easy for your clients find what they want, the default WooCommerce search page is really ugly but with the WooCommerce Builder plugin, you can build this page with Divi Builder.

More Features

Build One Layout for All Products

If you have a lot of products, don’t worry, you can build just one layout and use it as the default.


Build Layouts For Products Based On Their Categories

Set a layout to be used for products under Music category and another one for all products under Clothing category.


Make Every Product Different!

Beside using default layouts for a lot of products at once, you can also build product specific layouts very easily.


Use The Description Builder To Build The Entire Product Layout

You have 2 ways to build a product layout, use the description editor just like pages or keep the description as it is and assign a saved layout to the product.

Build a Default Layout For All Product Archives (Categories & Tags)

Like products, you can build one layout and use it for all of your archive pages at once.

Build Archive Specific Layouts

If you want a specific archive page to have a different layout than the default one, you can build archive-specific layouts.

Visual Builder Support

Use the power of the visual builder to design beautiful product and archive layouts.

25 Custom Modules

Tons of custom modules to design pages as you like, these modules cover every aspect of WooCommerce products, categories & tags pages.

14 Shortcodes

Not just custom modules, with shortcodes you can use product page parts inside any other module like sliders, accordion, tabs ..

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 14

You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Double Guarantee. If you don’t like our plugin over the next 14 days, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

Live Demo

All these layouts and more are available for clients to download for free to help you launch your website very quickly.

Products Layouts

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 15

Product Layout #1

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 16

Product Layout #2

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 17

Product Layout #3

Categories Layouts

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 18

Category Layout #1

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 19

Category Layout #2

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 20

Category Layout #3

Shop Layouts

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 21

Shop Layout #1

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 22

Shop Layout #2

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 23

Shop Layout #3

Search Layouts

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 24

Search Layout #1

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 25

Search Layout #2

WooCommerce Builder For Divi 26

Search Layout #3


45 reviews for WooCommerce Builder For Divi

  1. WooCommerce Builder For Divi 27

    Soupou (verified owner)


  2. WooCommerce Builder For Divi 28

    rsimion (verified owner)

    With this plugin, DIVI is complete!

  3. WooCommerce Builder For Divi 29

    jacobowensdesigns (verified owner)

    FANTASTIC plugin! Highly recommend it to anyone, just requires a little patience but the reward is worth it. You can enhance your shop page tremendously.

  4. WooCommerce Builder For Divi 30

    Azadd (verified owner)

    Perfect plugin for my needs, and i also got incredibly good support.

  5. WooCommerce Builder For Divi 31

    akruize (verified owner)

    Great plugin, exactly what I needed!

  6. WooCommerce Builder For Divi 32

    Jacob Petersen (verified owner)

    Very solid plugin!

    Really great support.

    If you’re looking for a way to customize your product pages with Divi. This is the plugin to get!

  7. WooCommerce Builder For Divi 33

    seventhose (verified owner)

    WOW, great plugin

  8. WooCommerce Builder For Divi 34

    MariaMarta (verified owner)

    Excellent support, excellent plugin many many thanks!!!

  9. WooCommerce Builder For Divi 35

    Maz (verified owner)

    Loving it .. The learning curve is minimal and the results are brilliant. I have spread the news of this plugin to my colleagues in the website developing/designing industry.

  10. WooCommerce Builder For Divi 36

    ferchoperez79 (verified owner)

    Nice excellent!

  11. WooCommerce Builder For Divi 37

    Pseitner (verified owner)

    This plugin gives me so much more freedom and design possibilities in a Divi eCommerce project. Great support also.

  12. WooCommerce Builder For Divi 38

    Adrizambrano (verified owner)

    Excellent the plugin and the support too

  13. WooCommerce Builder For Divi 39

    Madmin1 (verified owner)

    This is truly the missing link to Woocommerce with Divi. Support is amazing too. We had to launch a site over the weekend and had a few issues with a learning curve on the plugin and they were there all the way to help us with any issues so we made our deadline. Once you get the hang of this template system, you will be ADDICTED and will never build a Woocommerce site without it, I promise you. Even if you just want a couple of tweaks on the product page (or want to totally create your own setup) this just blew my mind (and my clients). We are using it on two new Woocommerce builds now and are excited for the coming advances. Ten stars…

  14. WooCommerce Builder For Divi 40

    Linea-chic (verified owner)

    Professional and stable, full of options, intuitive and well designed, and on top of that 1st class support (provide for us the compatibility with one of the main WooCommerce official plugins that we absolutely needed, this in few days), a must have !

  15. WooCommerce Builder For Divi 41

    PETER VANKA (verified owner)


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  • Read the plugin documentation here.
  • To use this plugin, you must have Divi theme 3.1+ or Extra theme 2.1+.
  • The plugin does NOT work with any other theme and it does NOT work with Divi Builder plugin, you must have the theme.
  • You must have WooCommerce 3.2+.

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